Tips `n` Tricks

Please browse through these suggestions before making a posting on VegCom

Tip #1
You are not paying by the word, so you don't have to use abbreviations. Conversely you do only have 500 characters, so keep the text clear but don't go on longer than you need to. (The imposed limit was intentional, having observed the average length of listings over the past years.)

Tip #2
DON'T SHOUT!   i.e. Use normal upper and lower case. The system emphasises the headings for you automatically. So you can use normal typed script.

Tip #3
Don't try and format your description e.g. with carriage returns and extra spaces - 'cos the system strips them out anyway! Oh yeah - you can't use Hypertext Tags either!

Tip #4
Keep your e-mail. Unless you haven't quoted an e-mail address, the system will send you a confirmation e-mail when you place an entry. This has links back to your entry allowing you full editing access. If you keep this you can use it to get back and make any alterations you like (within reason!) to your entry.
If you like, you can use this to remove your entry by changing the closing date to today's date. Thus the entry will expire at midnight.

Tip #5
We try our best to stop unscrupulous people "trawling" your e-mail address from our listings and sending you spam. If you are responding to a listing in VegCom by clicking on the e-mail address, you are required to remove some surplus characters (typically including the word "REMOVE") before it can be sent. However, to be really safe, you might consider not using your normal e-mail address, but get a temporary one, just for use when advertising your accommodation requirements. Thus you can delete the address when you have finished with it and with it any spam that it may have attracted.

Tip #6
Always let us know if you've had success with your VegCom entry - or even if you haven't made an entry but have resolved your accommodation problem through VegCom. It makes us feel happy too!

Tip #7
Don't forget to make a donation to VegCom. Just £1 (or $1) will do. It makes us feel quite ecstatic!
The money goes to pay for the service - not into anyone's pocket. Should there be any surplus, then this will go back into the affiliated organisations that were underwriting VegCom to fund their own work in promoting Veg*ism.

Tip #8
Don't fall for scams. You should never send or receive payments to or from people you haven't met in person. A typical scam is for the landlord to receive money from overseas, clear it through their bank and then the prospective tenant pulls out and asks for a refund. The landlord duly refunds and then the original payment gets refunded too!

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