About VegCom

What is VegCom?
VegCom stands for "vegan/VEGetarian acCOMmodation".
It is an accommodation listing free service for vegans and vegetarians who are either looking for somewhere or can offer somewhere to live (short term or long term).
It it accessed online at and covers Engish-speaking countries.

Who is VegCom?
VegCom is owned and controlled by a consortium of voluntary vegan and vegetarian local organisations and is funded by donations from the users. No one receives any income or other financial benefits through running VegCom.
These organisations fall into two catagories: "Full Members" and "Associate Members". Typically a Member organisation will cover a "Region" and provide a voluntary "moderator" who will oversee the VegCom page for that area by helping users and removing any unsuitable material that may have been introduced.
Full Member organisations will make managerial decisions about VegCom, approve the accounts and do other such things that a normal management committee would do.
Currently the Full Members are London Vegans, Veggies Catering Campaign and Norfolk V&V

Brief History of VegCom
VegCom is demand driven!
London Vegans was finding that it's Newsletter was being swamped with notices about accommodation requirements and it was thought desirable to segregate these into it's own "newsletter".   The word "VegCom" had been coined many years ago, way before computers and the internet, and had fallen into disuse.
So we revived this name for the accommodation listings and as well as publishing it in the traditional paper format, copied it into our website.
The workload soon increased and we started getting complaints about out-of-date listings.
Thus we asked a volunteer programmer set up a proper self-maintaining database and usage gradually increased.    Unfortunately we lost contact  with  that volunteer  and had to migrate the database to a new web host.    We took the opportunity to ask a new volunteer programmer to re-write the programme (in a more popular language) and to make it expandable so that areas other than London could share its facilities.
This current version was launched on 18th August 2005 (unfortunately coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix!). It has since grown to a total of 13 VegCom Regions in the U.K. and covering all of Great Britain. On 19th December 2007, VegCom went "international" when New Zealand joined alongside the U.K.

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